Round Britain 2019 - Crinan canal to Tarbet

June 1, 2019
2 minutes

As our crews woke and readied themselves to leave the Crinan canal, they were greeted by a marvellous sight.

VIC 32 is one of the last two remaining steam-powered Clyde Puffers in operation. She was commissioned by the admiralty in 1939, she served throughout the Second World War as an inshore craft and, following the war, was used mainly in the coasting trade. As most of the Clyde Puffers have been converted to diesel, VIC 32 is quite the celebrity as one of the last remaining coal powered Puffers in operation.

A maritime celebrity heading our way...
VIC32, one of the last two seagoing coal-fired steam Clyde Puffers

On leaving the canal, the mist descended on our crews and, although visibility was still good, the eerie atmosphere it creates over the shoreline can be a little unsettling for some. Our crews are made of sterner stuff, and continued on, soon free of the mist and well on their way to Tarbet and their resting place for that night.

The mist comes down as we leave the canal
Maybe not ideal for sailing, but it certainly creates atmosphere!
Leaving the mist behind

On reaching their destination, our crews settled in for the night and, fed and watered, readied themselves for the next day.

If you wish to support our crews on their voyage, and help Macmillan Cancer Support continue their vital work with those affected by cancer, please follow this link to our justgiving page:

Thank you.


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