Diesel Engine theory classroom course

The RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance course is a one-day course for beginners and assumes no prior experience.  Our instructor trained with Union Castle and sailed on numerous diesel-powered merchant ships and has, over many years sailing in small boats, gained an in-depth knowledge of smaller marine engines and their ancillary systems. You will learn a little theory of how an engine works, but most time will be spent on the supply of fuel, air and water, the essential things needed to make the engine work, and how to keep your engine running properly.

As part of the course we use both training engines and real engines, so please wear safe shoes and old clothes.  You will be bleeding the fuel and replacing impellers etc.

The course is essential for all users of today’s boats.  Ideally suited to both sail and powerboat users, whether you sail a yacht with an auxiliary diesel engine or are a motor cruising enthusiast, this course could save your life.


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