Boat Handling Practical Course

Master berthing and manoeuvring under power and sail

Boat handling can prove daunting particularly in a confined space.  During this weekend you will have ample time to practice berthing and manoeuvring under power and sail. A typical weekend would be one day practicing under power and another manoeuvring under sail, picking up buoys, anchoring, man overboard and coming alongside a berth.

Your instructor will discuss your needs and plan the weekend with you. Being one of just three students on board you will have plenty of time to practice and hone your skills.

With just 3 students on board an 8-berth boat you will have a great experience with a cabin of your own.

Join the boat the evening before the course starts to meet your crew mates and instructor.  After discussing the plan for the weekend over a cup of tea, it is heads down ready for the adventure to begin.

The course will give you the opportunity to practice berthing and mooring in a variety of situations including without using the engine. The normal format is to spend one day maneuvering under power and one day maneuvering under sail alone. This can include picking up buoys, berthing on a pontoon, turning in tightly packed marinas etc.

We endeavor to supply as much of what you need as possible. We supply pillows – but not pillow cases. We supply wet weather gear – but not footwear.

So here is a guide as to what you might bring:

  • A sleeping bag
  • A pillowcase
  • A personal torch
  • A towel
  • Any essential medication
  • Please ensure you have plenty of warm clothing, bearing in mind that it is colder out on the water and you may get wet
  • A pair of non-marking deck shoes or trainers
  • Non-slip/non-marking waterproof sailing boots. These can be bought in most chandlers for about £42 [optional] (available here)
  • Sailing gloves [optional] (available here)
  • Waterproof clothing (unless you have asked us to provide it)
  • Notebook, pen and pencil
  • Sunscreen, sunhat and sunglasses / warm hat, gloves
  • RYA logbook (highly recommended). We can provide one for you at £6.99.
  • Passport if doing a Coastal Skipper course or a Channel Hop
  • European health insurance card if doing a Coastal Skipper course or a Channel Hop
  • PASSPORT PHOTO for Day Skipper / Coastal Skipper candidates with name and date of birth on reverse

Pack your gear in a soft bag or holdall, i.e. not a hard suitcase, as stowage on board is limited.  We provide all safety equipment such as lifejackets and harnesses etc.

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