Dear Colin,

Please find my course feedback form attached.

Thank you very much for the course, also particular thanks to Gary who was outstanding!

Many thanks

Great fun. Don't know how Colin remained so calm with a student parking his boat.  A brilliant experience including the food.

To many this is the pinnacle of yachting qualifications and is a prerequisite for obtaining a commercial endorsement.  The exam will test the skipper’s ability and can therefore appear daunting to potential candidates. However, well-prepared skippers with the right experience needn’t worry. With Premier’s practice and preparation course, you should be able to relax sufficiently to let your skills shine through any exam nerves.

With only 2 Yachtmaster students plus one crew member on our 8-berth boats you will have a cabin all to yourself, ensuring a comfortable environment for all on board for the duration of the course.

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