Round Britain 2019 - Weymouth to Lymington

June 25, 2019
2 minutes

Day three and our crews, well rested from the previous day's exertion, set off for the Hampshire town of Lymington. Located in the Solent, directly opposite the Isle of Wight, their destination was a 44-mile sail away in what seemed to be good conditions. Half an hour into the sail the fog came down and visibility became greatly reduced, sometimes to less than 100 metres. Fortunately our skippers have a wealth of experience, as do many of our crews, and the reduced visibility did not hold them up too much, although it took maximum concentration to hold course.

A playmate along the way

As the day progressed, a pod of dolphins came out to play with Ashanti and Clearlake II, chasing them and weaving in and out of their wakes as they made their way through the water. It is sights like these that make even the most arduous day sailing a worthwhile experience.

A quick snack at the helm
Pop Quiz! What does this buoy mean? Answers on a postcard...

As our crews approached Lymington the fog lifted and the perfectly still water of the marina became home for the night. Both crews tucked into a meal cooked on board and then joined each other for a cheerful drink before heading for bed.

Lymington marina is like a mirror

If you wish to support our crews on their voyage, and help Macmillan Cancer Support continue their vital work with those affected by cancer, please follow this link to our justgiving page:

Thank you.


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