Unlike ocean races the crew, guided by their professional skipper, will have full involvement in sailing their Sigma 38. They will see the ever-changing coastline, the stunning Cape Wrath, beautiful west coast of Ireland, the challenging Irish Sea, Dolphins of the Bristol Channel and the Seven Sisters.

The Capitals Race - Departs St Katharine Docks & Tower Bridge 26th June 2021 @ 1500

At £2250pp, per leg* for a week of exhilarating sailing coupled with round the cans and social events at each destination this really is an opportunity like no other.

LEG 1 - London to Edinburgh.

The three vessels will arrive in London on the lunchtime tide on 24th June.  There will then be an opportunity for the public to visit the boats plus there will be evening events on the 24th and 25th. Crews and their families will have access to the boats from 1500 on the 25th. In the evening there will be a dinner overlooking the dock to celebrate the start of the first stage.

In the morning there will be a time for the teams to prepare the boats. At 1500 Tower Bridge will open to let the boats pass under. After the statutory 30 minutes in the Pool of London, the bridge will reopen and the three yachts will process under the bridge and set off for Queenborough in Kent.

The following morning each team will cross the official start line, marked by the world-renowned Southend Pier.

After an exhilarating sail along the scenic East Anglian and Northumbrian coastlines, the boats will be fighting for every nautical mile as they draw nearer to Scotland’s beautiful capital city- Edinburgh. This first stage of the race will conclude at the Royal Forth Yacht Club. If the circumstances of the weather result in an early arrival, then the boats will be given the opportunity to run bonus races.

The three teams will conclude their voyage with a celebratory meal ashore before departing the vessel by 1000 on the 4th July.

LEG 2 Edinburgh to Belfast.

The crews will arrive on the 5th July from 1500 and after a relaxing meal ashore, will prepare the yacht ready for the start on Tuesday morning. The vessels will process to the start line adjacent to the iconic Royal Yacht Britannia.

The second stage will see each team leave the Firth of Forth and make headway north around the top of Scotland, passing the prepossessing Cape Wrath, before finally turning south towards Ireland.

The west coast of Scotland provides splendid sailing and matchless scenery. The inshore winds can prove turbulent, rapidly turning from squalls to gusts as a result of the lochs, mountains and myriad islands offshore. This two-sided coin of both challenging sailing conditions and beautiful panoramas provides an unforgettable experience for the adventurous.

With the Firth of Clyde behind them, each boat will cross the North Channel to find home in the capital of Northern Ireland - Belfast.

Arriving at Bangor in Northern Ireland after a challenging sail of over 500 miles and six days, the vessels will arrive on 11th July. Departing the vessel on Monday 12th or Tuesday 13th July.

Leg 3 Belfast to Cardiff

The crews will arrive on the 16th July at 1500 ready to settle in and prepare the boat for the challenge of the Atlantic rollers. Departing on the 17th for the Welsh capital Cardiff. Expected arrival after five or six days sailing is Friday 23rd July with a reception on the Saturday evening.

Preparation by skipper and crew will be made for the third stage of the race at Bangor Marina. From here the boats will follow the North Channel up over the top of Ireland and around to face the great Atlantic Ocean.

From here on in, this stage of the race will be characterised by the formidable nature of the Atlantic swell - a great opportunity for those wishing to experience sailing at the threshold of the second greatest ocean in the world. Due to the character and the complexity of racing down the west coast of Ireland, it is in this stage that we expect to see a notable difference in the timings of each boat.

Once the teams have passed Galway to port, and have rounded the southern most point of Ireland, they will proceed to run towards the Bristol Channel and Cardiff – the capital of Wales.

With the berthing of the boats in Penarth Marina, the skippers and their crew will be able to share their experiences of the stage over dinner ashore.

Crews will depart on the 25th

Leg 4 Cardiff to London

The crews will arrive at the boat at 1500 on Friday the 30th July and depart Cardiff on the 31st. Sailing across the Bristol Channel with Dolphins as company, the crews will arrive off Southend and the finishing line some 500 miles later.  The vessels will then make there way to St Katharine Docks for the welcoming event on the 7th August.

It is a time honoured saying that no two days in the English Channel are the same due to the mixture of ever-changing winds and tides. To port, crews will glimpse both the varying coastal topography and a series of great coastal cities and naval ports. The teams may run through the Solent or round the Isle of Wight, maximising the tide and racing for the finish.  In London the boats will arrive in St Katharine Docks to a fanfare and an evening of celebrations.  Crews will depart the boats some time on the 8th and the delivery crews taking the boats back to our base will sail on the 9th.

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